UNDYING OPTIMISM is all about instilling hope and faith in ourselves, in our lives, in our neighbors, and in our freedom to express. One can take away everything from you, but no one can take away your optimism and positive attitude. That’s all you really need to overcome adversities and achieve anything in life.

Author JV Bharatan shares his painful story from the deepest, darkest parts of his heart. He is a man of few words but allows his soul to be seen by people he doesn’t know.

It is okay to tell your story and free yourself of the pain you’re holding. More importantly, our stories connect our hearts together and have the power to heal others in a profound way.

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What People are Saying about UNDYING OPTIMISM

“This was a non-negotiable must-finish. Once I started reading, I did not want to stop. JV wastes no time in getting to the meat of his experience and, without reservations, exposes his humanity. Not only does he share his own obstacles, but he offers the reader the opportunity to turn inward and consider their lives and goals.”

Hannah S., operational leader

“It’s very well-written, with clean, energetic language. Very authentic and real! The story part is awesome—very engaging and entertaining.”

Zhanna Lee, Health, wellness, and fitness professional


“I hope the reader can relate to his story and use it in some measure to get through the despair that he or she may experience.”

David L. Rubin, Attorney at Law